• Booty & More - Full Body Workout System
  • Professional Quality - Sturdy Construction
  • All Fitness Levels -  Perfect For Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced
  • Doctor Developed & Clinically Proven
  • Easy to Store - Arrives Fully Assembled 
Not Just For Your Booty!
Booty Pro is The Ultimate Body Toning System!
Over 50 Easy-to-Follow Exercise Routines
With our videos on precise muscle targeting you can get a full body workout within seconds of set up!
Upper Body


Hip Thrust

Leg Raise

Golf Swing


Cardio Boxing

 There’s Nothing Else Like it! 
Target glutes & core with one easy to use system!
Physician designed to protect your spine!

"As a physician, it was important to me that this exercise product was effective but most importantly, that it protected their spine and did not harm it.”
 - Dr. Darren Fano 
 Chiropractic Physician
The Booty Pro was made for men and women of all ages. It's designed for different levels of experience - beginner, intermediate and advanced. It doesn’t mater if you were a professional athlete, a gym rat, yogi, male or female you will get a workout like you have never experienced.
Our goal was to make The Booty Pro easy to store and convenient for anyone to use. We've created the Peanut shape to carry under your arm so that you can take it anywhere you wish to train. Set up is as easy as laying down and buckling into the system!
The Booty Pro Difference
A Safe & Effective Way to Train

At Booty Pro, we take serious pride in creating a gym quality product that allows you to workout safely. 

Created by Physician Dr. Fano - it was designed around the idea that you no longer needed to crush and compress your spine in order to build your glutes, legs and core muscles. Now you can place extreme loading force directly on the glute muscles instead of your spine as squads and other leg exercises can do. 

The Precise Angel Technology allows you to sculpt and lift the entire glute and leg muscles while also fortifying your lower back and spinal muscles. 

The Booty Pro System burns fat faster while toning the entire body. It uses 360* core engaging exercises to harden your abs and flatten your stomach.

At Booty Pro, our goal is to: 

  • Targeting your glutes safely - Loading forces removed from your spinal column.
  • Save you time - Faster results with fewer reps
  • Improve your posture - By strengthen glutes and core 
  • Effectively get you in shape - Lifts, tones and defines your glute and abs
Real People Real Results
Hear What Real Booty Pro Users Have Experienced

"An eye opening oh-my-gosh experience"


"When my motivation came to wanting to be healthy and to be strong, it’s funny how after week two I’m like WHOA jeans are looking a little better today!"

- Carly D.

"I was having issues with my lower back for the last 15 years."

"I knew almost immediately within the first 10-15 reps of using The Booty Pro it immediately started to burn in areas that are very difficult to hit within my core."

- Jeremy L.

"It's hard to replicate the demands of a sport in the gym."

 "With The Booty Pro you are able to target everything. I would compare it to 2 straight hours of playing hockey"

 - Wayne C.

“I really felt the benefits of using The Booty Pro almost immediately

Maria R. Age 27
Lost 19 lbs. 
“The Booty Pro out performed my expectations and delivered a 3” lift!”

Lucy B. Age 37  
Lost 17 lbs. 
After having my baby, getting back into shape was very difficult. In just a few months I’ve started to see incredible results! 

Alejandra P. Age 33
Lost 4 inches 
*Results include a calorie restricted diet plan & 20 min.a day, 8-12 week workout program.Your results will vary.
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The Booty Pro System
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The Booty Pro System Includes: 
(2) Adjustable Lap Bands
 (2) Handles
 (2) Short Blue Resistance Bands
 (2) Long Black Resistance Bands
 (1) Booty Board 
 (1) Blue Thigh Band
 (1) Ankle Belt
 (1) Instructional & Exercise Poster
(1) Nutritional Guide
(1) Waist Belt for Squats & Lunges